Should the amount of traffic in the room really affect my choice of wood?

Yes. The finish and the color will be affected by the amount of foot traffic in the room. Darker colors show wear sooner than natural colored wood like oak or maple. High traffic areas require extra attention pertaining to recoating; apply 1 or 2 coats every 6-18 months. Glossy finishes are not recommended.

Are all water base polyurethane finishes safe?

I use the safest finishes I know of. Some water base polyurethanes have almost as high a VOC (solvent) content as oil base polyurethanes, and contain other dangerous chemicals.

What is the procedure for refinishing floors?

The floor is sanded with coarse paper to level a new floor or remove old finish. Then, the entire floor area is filled to eliminate cracks and nail holes. The floor is sanded two more times with progressively finer

grit sandpaper. Then screened with a high grit then one sealer coat is applied then screened again with an even higher grit then finally two coats of finish are applied to the floor.

What do I need to do before my floors are refinished?

All furniture, carpeting, drapes, wall hangings should be removed. All nails or staples from carpet removal, must be pulled from the floor. Flooring machines create noise and vibration and could cause items to rattle & fall. Pets should be moved to somewhere out of the way where they will be happy. Also all the furniture has to be moved to another area of the house.

Anything I should know before I start?

For your safety, wear a dust mask. You are likely to stir up lots of stuff that you don’t want to breathe. Take care to remove all staples, and to avoid damaging the floor. Some stains may be visible after the

carpet has been removed. Black, or gray stains are usually caused by water, or pets. They often go deep into the wood, and may not completely come out.

What color will work with my space?

Darker colors make your spaces seem smaller and show wear quicker, while lighter or natural colors give an open feeling to the room. Oak and maple are two of the most popular options. You also want your floor to compliment the existing decor and personality of your room. Darker colors will work best in formal and traditional spaces. Lighter colors look great with a country, casual, or contemporary interiors.

Do I have to have a sample?

Yes. You need a sample to compare with the other materials and surface colors in the space. You shouldn’t just rely on the word of the builder or designer, having a sample enables you to get an idea of what the entire room will look like BEFORE you install the flooring.

How do hardwood floors fare against other flooring surfaces?

It outlasts nearly every other flooring, and outperforms them all.

How do I care for my hardwood floors?

Sweep regularly, high traffic areas will need special attention, or use the hardwood setting on your vacuum cleaner. You should purchase a wood floor cleaning kit to keep your surfaces in the best possible condition.

How long will the job take?

The process through delivery to finishing and clean-up can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks. It is an arduous task, it is better for the job to take longer than for it to be done poorly.

What are the warranties and or guarantees?

We provide guarantees in our contracts. We warrantee our work for 1 year.

Does hardwood flooring increase my home’s value?

Yes, all home improvements can. Research shows that 90% of real estate agents think homes with hardwood floors sell faster.

Are hardwood floors environmentally friendly?

Yes. Hardwood floors are better than other materials in terms of insulation; they are recyclable and require less energy to produce.

Do you serve my area?

We service and install floors in Chelsea, Revere, Lynn, Everett, Malden, Somerville and also serving the greater Boston area.